Custom to its Core.


The Horizon Core Series was designed for the next generation of serious long-range hunters. Hunters that think of hunting as more than just a passive hobby or something done during a short few months each year. Hunters that require only the best components and equipment. Hunters that expect extreme accuracy and long-range capability. Hunters that live for the hunt at their core.

2023 Rifles:

Venatic X
Venatic GT
Venatic GTX


Truly Custom.


Horizon Firearms has redefined what “custom rifle” means. The Horizon Select Series are rifles individually designed and built to not only be long-range accurate but to be one-of-kind. With endless options, you can have a truly custom rifle that tells your story.


When we have a Select Series rifle we’re working on, each project comes with its own set of unique elements to work through. Those elements can mean challenges, creative problem-solving opportunities, team brainstorming, and personal touches – all of which help shape the story of each Select rifle along the way. On the Table is where we showcase some of our current projects and highlight the Truly Custom process each rifle goes through.

Custom Camo
Pink GH Rifle

Origin Story

We’ve always been a little counter-cultural – doing things with rifle designs people thought we were crazy for – but that’s what has made us who we are today… Truly Custom. When you buy a Horizon Firearms rifle, you are buying more than just an accurate, long-range rifle. You’re buying into our family heritage and becoming a part of our legacy.


Tech tips, hunting stories, Long-Range advice, product reviews, and more – this is
where we talk about the topics that come up in the shop.

Product Review

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The last couple of years I’ve gone on a bit of a bipod expedition. This expedition started for two main reasons. First, I’m a bit of a gear nut when it comes to hunting and shooting equipment, and


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If you have been on Google or on any of the forums in the past 2 hours you know this is a hot and very touchy subject. There are no shortage of opinions – from the super-awesome-know-it-all shooter


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While the 22 Creedmoor has been a popular topic of discussion in the predator hunting world for many years, it’s just now becoming more mainstream. At Horizon Firearms, we built our first 22 Creedmo