December 2021

Atlas Bipod Product Review

The last couple of years I’ve gone on a bit of a bipod expedition. This expedition started for two main reasons. First, I’m a bit of a gear nut when it comes to hunting and shooting equipment, and I like to know about the latest products and technologies that are available. The second is because we get a lot of questions about bipods from customers and the three big ones are:

Is a bipod worth buying?

How much should I spend on a bipod?

What type of bipod do you recommend?

I’ve tried any and all bipods I could get my hands on. So I can confidently say that the answer to the first question, “is a bipod worth buying?” is YES.

The next question is how much should I spend?

Bipods are not cheap — at least good ones aren’t! The goal of my mission was to find a bipod that’s awesome for less than $200. It turns out, that’s not overly possible. But I can get us real close.

Atlas Bipod logo

For around $280, the one that stands out most for me is the …


It’s a higher price point, but I believe it’s worth the money because it has a ton of features.

Here’s what I found.

ADJUSTABILITY – it’s got to have it.

The feet on the Atlas bipod adjust independently. Push buttons on the side allow you to adjust each foot to allow for uneven surfaces, rough terrain, or shooting downhill.

I have really short forearms. If the rifle platform is too high when I set up, then I don’t get very stable. I need to be able to bring the bipod down but at the same time be able to extend it long. Basically, being able to adjust the height and position of the legs makes this bipod customizable to your body and situation.

KEEP IT STEADY – and by that I mean get tight and level real quick.

The turn of a wingnut lets you adjust the tension. The wingnut is easy to reach and lets you make changes while in a natural position. You can also make instant changes to the pivot and it will hold super tight. So I can get level and I can set my platform up and I can look at an animal or look at a target and know when I return back to my scope I’ll still be level.

OPTIONS–add-ons that are right on.

The Atlas bipod offers several feet options and other cool extensions to add like spikes or claws. No matter what extension you choose, they lock in good and stiff. If you put a lot of front load or preload on your rifle, it’s not going to collapse on you. While on my mission to try out as many bipods as possible, I scratched my gun really badly when another bipod brand collapsed under the recoil of my 28 Nosler. The Atlas fixes that problem and it simply won’t happen.

EASY TO DEPLOY – there’s no time to mess around when the target is in front of you.

No matter what adjustments you make while using the Atlas bipod, they are really easy and quick to deploy. Adjusting leg height, leg position, adding new legs or claws, adjusting the pivot, the tension, and setting the level. You can also quickly disconnect the bipod from your rifle. Just a lift of the throw lever and a slide onto a normal Picatinny Rail, lets this bipod come on and off your rifle with ease.

The Atlas bipod from B&T Industries is 100% worth it, in my opinion. That’s why we stock them in our shop and it’s our go-to bipod choice at Horizon Firearms.

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