Slide Something many people don’t know about the Horizon Firearms logo is that it dates back to 1876 when three brothers first settled in North Texas to start a new life. The circle in the middle represents the brothers who had nothing except each other - the three prongs. 

It just seemed right to incorporate that into the company logo and it was a must to include in the Horizon Origin project.

For the stock, we took pecan wood harvested from a 100+-year-old tree on the family property that was struck by lighting and created a one-of-a-kind stock from the iota KREMLIN stock design.
Then, using their great-great grandad’s original cattle brand, Derrick and Austin branded the stock.

We used the 3-flute, 2-twist spiral fluting pattern that we became known for in our early years of business. And as the original pioneers of the 22 Creedmoor, it was a no-brainer to chamber this build in the wildcat cartridge.

The Horizon Origin project is a Truly Custom culmination of the Horizon Firearms story.
ACTION STOCK SCOPE 22 Creedmoor Horizon Series Stiller iota KREMLIN NightForce Horizon Origin CALIBER

We branded In the cattle shoot on the North Texas ranch that’s been in the family since the late 1800s, we built a fire, heated up the family’s original cattle brand, and branded the pecan stock.

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