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Slide Everything about this rifle build is a tribute to a 5th generation run, 120+-year-old company that has grown into a successful corporation with seven subsidiaries spanning20 recessions, one depression, two world wars, oil embargoes, steel shortages, and 21 presidential administrations. 

The honeycomb style fluting on the barrel was designed from the shape of the original wire baskets Kaspar Companies’ founder hand-wove more than a century ago and a nod to subsidiary Ranch Hand and their grill guard pattern. We milled out the stock to hold 3-D printed inlays that hold two Texas Gold Rounds from the subsidiary Texas Precious Metals.
Then came the paint. We meticulously matched the “Kaspar Blue” paint, using it on accents of the rifle as well as the Kaspar logo on the fore-end of the stock. The orange incorporates brand colors from Horizon Firearms, iota Outdoors, Ranch Hand, and Texas Precious Metals.

To tie it all together, we marked it with the serial number of 1898 – the year it all began.
ACTION STOCK SCOPE 7 Rem Mag Horizon Series Stiller iota KREMLIN Leupold Kaspar Legacy CALIBER

We painted When Jason’s barrel heats up the black spiral disappears to reveal Kaspar blue.

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