December 2021

Triggertech Trigger | Product Review

I’ve spent time over the last year learning about and using a newer brand of trigger on my personal rifle. I like the curved shoe trigger from TriggerTech so much, we made the switch to use them on all of our inventory builds at Horizon Firearms. This switch raised a couple of eyebrows and a few folks wanted an explanation, or at least just a legitimate reason for making this move.

Since we run these triggers on just about everything we build, unless you ask us not to, it’s important that you know what we think TriggerTech does right.

TriggerTech nails it on TECHNOLOGY and PRICE.

TriggerTech is a front-runner when it comes to doing things differently. Their technology allows for zero-creep and a new kind of adjustability.

Typically in a trigger, you’ve got a sear that drags against a bolt or you might have two sears that drag against each other. Either way, that is metal dragging on metal.

TriggerTech developed what they call Frictionless Release Technology, which is basically a round, free-floating roller that sits between the sear and the trigger. Instead of rolling metal on metal, the sear and the trigger are rolling on a ball.

For the user, that means a super-crisp, zero-creep trigger.

That also means, when it trips, it’s very abrupt. There is not much overtravel and it’s very definite where the tripping point is, which I really like. It’s super, super clean.

Next up is the adjustment screw on the bottom.

The difference between TriggerTech and other brands is that TriggerTech’s adjustment screw is actually in the housing. And even more special, the click adjustments are audible. You can hear them. Most shooters are used to hearing the clicks on a scope. Well, now you’ve got audible clicks on a trigger. Without taking the gun apart, you can just use an Allen wrench and you literally hear a click, click, click. It’s one ounce per click.

There are many situations when this audible adjustment becomes beneficial. Say I’m going to go binge shoot, I’m going to turn it down to a pound and a half. And then maybe I’m going hunting but I’m in some rough country, I’ll turn it to two and a half pounds. Or hey, my kid’s going to use it today, I’m going to turn it to three pounds.

TriggerTech really has a unique way of approaching a zero-creep, adjustable trigger.

You would think with this kind of quality and smart technology the price might be high for these triggers.

TriggerTech’s price point is right in there with what you would consider a beginner’s custom trigger but in no way are these triggers “beginners.”

That’s why we use TriggerTech on our rifles. When you pick up a Horizon gun at any of our dealers, you’re going to see this exact trigger and you’ll be super happy with it. Interested in having Horizon build you your own custom rifle with a TriggerTech trigger? Request a quote.

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