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Founder of Horizon Firearms Derrick Ratliff gathers guests to share and discuss outdoor industry expertise and memorable hunting adventures. Favorite topics include long-range shooting, custom rifles, 22 Creedmoor, outdoor experiences, and from time to time some family talk and life lessons.

BackfireTV Derrick and Jim

Episode 34: Backfire TV’s Jim Harmer Has Fun Talking Firearms with On The Horizon’s Derrick Ratliff!

🎙️ Unleash the Firepower: Join Derrick for a lively podcast as he talks to Jim from Backfire TV! From the groundbreaking 22 Creedmoor to the best calibers, top-notch bullets, and the worst rifles you might encounter, this podcast is packed with industry wisdom and insider info. They als...

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Blacktail with Jody Smith Guide Service

Episode 33: Hunting Blacktail, Roosevelt Elk & Rio Turkey & Fishing the Umpqua with Jody Smith

Derrick spends 3 days with Jody Smith Guide Service hunting a blacktail deer deep in the logging country of Western Oregon just 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Jody’s family moved to the area as German immigrants in the 1840s via the National Land Claim and he was born and raised hunting and lov...

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Derrick Ratliff and Hazer Bulkley with Wyoming Mule Deer

Episode 32: Unveiling Western Hunting’s Secrets with Gun Guru Hazer Bulkley

In this episode, Derrick dives deep into the world of Western hunting with none other than the seasoned expert and gun guru, Hazer Bulkley. Get ready for an enlightening conversation that covers everything from rifle calibers to barrel configurations to the lightweight rifle craze, and a special spo...

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on the horizon podcast image featuring Derrick Ratliff

Episode 31: PRC Ammo Secrets Revealed! 6.5 PRC, 7 PRC and 300 PRC Rifle Cartridges

Derrick Ratliff, founder of Horizon Firearms, discusses the differences between the 6.5 PRC, the 300 PRC and Derrick's favorite, the 7 PRC. We get questions often about which one is the best fit for Horizon Firearms clients. Derrick uses JM Ballistics calculator to discuss drop, velocity and win...

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Jonathan Lusk On The Horizon Podcast

Episode 30: How to Book Hunts with the “AirBNB” for Ranches and Hunters

Occasionally, an entrepreneur at heart will stumble upon a concept that they can’t believe doesn’t yet exist. So they create it. With a team of investors and co-founders, Jonathan Lusk created an “AirBNB for ranches and hunting experiences” concept. Through his company, BirdDog Adventures, h...

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Andrew McKean On The Horizon

Episode 29: Outdoor Life’s Hunting Editor Andrew McKean Tells His Story

We all decided on this side of the podcast that we need to be real life friends with Andrew McKean. Andrew conveyed a curious spirit and kind approach - a true journalist heart. He has traveled the world and had once-in-a-lifetime experiences while serving as Hunting and Conservation Editor for Outd...

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