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Founder of Horizon Firearms Derrick Ratliff gathers guests to share and discuss outdoor industry expertise and memorable hunting adventures. Favorite topics include long-range shooting, custom rifles, 22 Creedmoor, outdoor experiences, and from time to time some family talk and life lessons.

Jonathan Lusk On The Horizon Podcast

Episode 30: How to Book Hunts with the “AirBNB” for Ranches and Hunters

Occasionally, an entrepreneur at heart will stumble upon a concept that they can’t believe doesn’t yet exist. So they create it. With a team of investors and co-founders, Jonathan Lusk created an “AirBNB for ranches and hunting experiences” concept. Through his company, BirdDog Adventures, h...

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Andrew McKean On The Horizon

Episode 29: Outdoor Life’s Hunting Editor Andrew McKean Tells His Story

We all decided on this side of the podcast that we need to be real life friends with Andrew McKean. Andrew conveyed a curious spirit and kind approach - a true journalist heart. He has traveled the world and had once-in-a-lifetime experiences while serving as Hunting and Conservation Editor for Outd...

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West Texas Big Bobcat Contest

Episode 28: West Texas Big Bobcat Contest – Paid Out Over $3,000,000!

Derrick Ratliff interviews the hosts of the highest paying predator contest in the country (over $3,000,000 to date!) that attracts over 700 teams per contest. Occurring three times per year in January, February, and March, the 23 hour contest attracts hunters from all over Texas. Jeremy Harrison an...

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Stiller Wombat Action

Episode 27: Derrick Announces Stiller’s New 22-Ounce Wombat Action

Derrick flies solo this podcast to announce Stiller’s new 22-ounce action completely redesigned by Horizon Firearms for Stiller. He spends a little bit of time reviewing the current product offerings of Stiller and the history of the company, including its sister company relationship to Horizon Fi...

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Aaron Watson On The Horizon

Episode 26: Texas Music Star Aaron Watson & Derrick Talk Music and Hunting

Texas Music singer/songwriter, Aaron Watson, joins Derrick Ratliff in the studio for an interesting and inspiring music and hunting-focused conversation. Aaron talks about grit and perseverance and how, even after recording over 1,000 songs, he’s just as motivated and hungry in his career as he’...

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22 Creedmoor Hornady Announcement SAAMI approval

Episode 25: Hornady Announces 22 Creedmoor Factory Ammo & Exclusive Partnership with Horizon Firearms

The time has come! First heard from On The Horizon podcast, Seth Swerczek and Jadyn Quinlan from Hornady announce that the 22 Creedmoor is becoming a SAAMI-approved round! Hornady will be manufacturing 22 Creedmoor ammunition and has partnered with Horizon Firearms (and sister company Texas Ammuni...

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